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Personalized care for your family


Your child struggles to recover when faced with challenges. They become withdrawn and barely talk to you, impulsive or anxious. They aren't able to let you know how they are feeling and you aren't sure how you can help them. This strains your relationship. It feels like you're losing your sense of control.


You oftentimes think:

"What if my child doesn't get better?"

"What if my child is labeled?"

"What did I do to make things like this?"

This leaves you feeling:

burned out trying to manage everything 

struggling to keep your head above water

like you're failing as a parent

Our comprehensive services provide support to meet your family's needs. We work collaboratively with children, parents and school personnel to ensure success for your family.  We follow your lead in mapping out growth goals and designing specific steps towards achievement. Our collaborative approach allows us to work closely with appropriate school personnel and physicians to meet the specific needs of your child at home and school.

You too can regain control within your home and feel success again. 

Play Therapy

Tele Play Therapy 

     Tele Play Therapy is a secure video conferencing tool that can be done from the comfort of your home when circumstances prevent in person attendance. Similar to traditional Play Therapy methods, children use toys as their language to express their experiences and learn new ways to find solutions to their problems all within the safety of their home. 

Play Therapy Picture.jpg

Play Therapy 

     Our play therapy session is for children ages 5-12 with a variety of skills and needs. Play therapy takes place in a safe, comfortable play area where your child can explore the world around them and express themselves in their most natural form. During session, children naturally explore how to self-regulate, resolve conflict and practice social skills through play. The goal is to to help children learn how to express themselves using adaptive behaviors. 

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

     Successful children are a result of successful parents. Parenting sessions provides the opportunity for you to learn best practices about communicating with your child, effective problem-solving strategies and hassle-free routines in order to regain power within your family, strengthen your family dynamics and enjoy more time together.

School Based Services

School Based Services

     Many schools fail to provide appropriate

behavior support and parents lack the knowledge to advocate for the needs of their child. School-based services bridge the gap by providing comprehensive services in order to help your child succeed at school and home through collaboration with teachers, counselors and physicians to create a plan of support that meets their individual needs.

Sevice Price

Insurance Use and Service Price


We are proud to announce that we are in network with the current insurance panels including:

Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna.

Using insurance means agreeing to a mental health diagnosis which will be discussed with you prior to submitting a claim.


You have the option to opt-of of using insurance. This increases your privacy because private health information is not being shared with insurance companies 


Initial Comprehensive Assessment, 60 minutes $175

Individual Therapy, 60 minutes $150

Parent Coaching, 60 minutes $150

Educational Consulting, 60 minutes at $150

Attendance at School Meetings, 60 minutes $200

Services are a-la-carte and are customized depending on your treatment plan. HSA/FSA are acceptable forms of payment and some insurance companies may reimburse you after submitting a Superbill that is provided following payment.


 Many families will have weekly sessions where they will see improvements in as little as 6 weeks. Parents agree that this was the best investment made for their families.

Start with Play Therapy in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Managing life’s demands while supporting your child’s needs can be a delicate balance. I have dedicated my life towards helping families regain control and strengthen their relationships. 

I know how hard it can be to find someone you trust to help. The help you need for your family is here. Parenting doesn't have to be hard.

Helping your child be the best version of themselves is possible.

Get started with a Play Therapist in Charlotte, North Carolina today!

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