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You can have the family you always wanted. 

The help you need is here.

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You've been frustrated about your child's behavior and concerned that it will only get worse. You want to enjoy family activities together but it’s become a hassle.  Even school is starting to be a difficult place for your child. Notes home and phone calls put you on edge every morning-hoping today won’t be like the others. You know they need help but you don’t want them to be labeled. You wonder if they will make friends and grow up to be a successful adult. You will do anything for your family but don't know where to start and now you catch yourself thinking you aren't a good parent. This leaves you feeling overwhelmed and helpless.


If you don't get help, your sense of control dwindles. You feel even more disconnected from your child and now it's impacting your job and your relationships. The school is threatening to kick them out. Your family is falling apart.

It doesn't have to be that way. 

You can have the family you always wanted.

Managing life’s demands while supporting your child’s needs

can be a delicate balance.

I have dedicated my life towards helping families regain control

and strengthen their relationships. 

I know how hard it can be to find someone you trust to help. 


The help you need for your child is here.

Grace Tucker, NCC, LCMHC

Child Therapist Charlotte, NC


What Parents Say

I feel less anxious. I can enjoy work now because I don't have to worry about the school calling for my son to be picked up early.


-Mother of 5 year old son with anxiety

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