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School Mental Health Support 

Expert Care for the School Year

Another school year and you have no clue how your child will make it through

The school calls with complaints and no solutions

the waitlist for a therapist is months out

you're about to hit your breaking point

We can help. 

This guide was created for parents just like you:

those that are tired of winging it and want to help their child thrive.

"Navigating School Mental Health Resources" Guide

This 60 minute video gives you direct support specific to your child's needs + action steps for getting the school support they deserve. In this comprehensive guide,  you will:

  • understand the root problem of your child's behavior at school

  • learn about the continuum of mental health support available in schools

  • understand school mental health jargon with our School Mental Health Glossary 

  • create a School Mental Health Action Plan that is a collaborative problem-solving tool that includes action steps and a 30 day review. 

Most importantly, you'll go from overwhelmed to empowered in supporting your child's mental health. 

 Don't wait, take action now and learn how to access the mental health

resources your child needs to succeed.


Get your guide today and gain the knowledge and tools to become

your child's best mental health advocate.

Start with School Mental Health Resources in 
Charlotte, NC!

This school year doesn't have to give you a headache.

Get School Mental Health resources today that can help your child thrive!

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