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Educational Consulting

Using Children's Natural Form of Expression for Healing

Kids in Art Class

What is Educational Consulting?

Educational consulting refers to a professional service that helps individuals, families, schools, and organizations in making informed decisions about education. Educational consultants provide expert guidance, advice, and support to clients seeking assistance with various aspects of education, such as academic planning, college and career readiness, school placement, learning support, and personal development.

Educational consulting can also help individuals and families navigate the complex and often overwhelming process of applying to schools, colleges, and universities, providing support for standardized tests, applications, essays, and interviews. Additionally, educational consulting can provide personalized guidance to help students identify their academic strengths, interests, and career goals, and develop strategies to achieve them.

What does it cover?

Educational consulting can be provided at various stages of education, from pre-K to post-graduate studies, and can address a range of issues, including academic performance, study skills, test preparation, admissions, social-emotional, behavioral and special education. 

Covers a range of academic, social-emotional and behavioral supports for your child to thrive in school

Classroom Observation

Learning/Behavioral Accommodations

FBA/BIP Behavior planning's

How does it work?

We assess if school-based services are needed, oftentimes essential for children experiencing suicidal ideation, have a diagnosis like ADHD that impacts their ability to access school environments. We gather data, Teacher reports, parent reports, client reports, student academic and behavior data, psychological reports) and create a game plan that aligns with your child's needs and school goals.

What is the cost for Educational Consulting?

Educational Consulting Sessions: $150/50 mins and $150 for Formal Letter

In-Person or Virtual Attendance for Care Coordination: $200/hour and $50 each additional 30 minutes

Quality Mental Health Care may require client coordination to ensure all members of the client's team have the most pertinent mental health information to support their wellness. Unfortuntaely, educational consulting services are not covered through insurance but provide invaluable continuity of care.

But there's already School Counselor at my child school, why do I need educational consulting?

Schools lacks the resources and personnel to provide quality comprehensive mental health services. I spent 6 years working to bridge the gap in schools and while we made progress there was many children overlooked and that fell through the cracks. You want quality care for you r childe. You want to make sure that your child is not labeled and forgotten. You want you child's school team to know that your child has support. 

We advocacte for the child

We know that school lingo can be alphabet soup, we speak there languge and understand their systems. We know the right people to talk to and how to make things happen. 

We ensure that your child's succes doesnt just stop in the therapy session and at home, but is transfered to school. 

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