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Student Services Consulting

Comprehensive Student Services Program

Kids in Art Class

Student Services professionals working silos,

always putting out fires

moving reactively and not looking at school data

have little policy and procedures

you have student services professional but don't know how to lead and support them

You need Student Services Consulting


MTSS can also stand for "Multi-Tiered Systems of Support," which is a framework used in education to provide targeted and individualized support to students. The MTSS model involves a three-tiered approach that provides increasingly intensive levels of support based on students' individual needs.

Tier 1 is the general education classroom instruction that all students receive. Tier 2 provides targeted interventions for students who are struggling but who do not have significant learning or behavioral needs. Tier 3 provides intensive and individualized support for students with significant learning or behavioral needs.

MTSS is designed to identify students' needs early and provide appropriate support to help them succeed academically and socially. It is a data-driven and collaborative approach that involves teachers, administrators, and other support staff working together to improve student outcomes.

Levels of support for social-emotional


Restorative Schools

Crisis pLanning


-emergency mental health plan

How am I qualified?

LEd an interdiciplainry student services team for over 5 years, ASCA trainiend, crisis led, we created systems, policy and procedures, worked collaboratively, used data and resulted in 10% increase in attendance for student in Title 1 schools, and 38% in mental health crisis. Collaborated with UNCC for teauman informed schools

How doe sit work?

Consult with relevant stakeholders to design, implement and assess a MTSS system for social-emotional learning and behavior




When should we seen a change?

first year if the team is consistent at working collaboratively, you will see an increase in team cohesion and collaboration, year two you will see implementaion of systems and year three you will see data-driven systems and polcies

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